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All of us are created different, each with
a unique identity. Coaching Tiger crafts
bespoke solutions, designed to unleash
potential and discover hidden talent.

who we are

A specialist in leadership coaching and passionate about people management,
Jaya’s coaching expertise builds on a strong foundation of over 20 years in senior management positions in Nokia, including Head of Global Cash Management.

She has also been Nokia’s Regional Treasurer for Asia-Pacific, managing high performance, cross-cultural virtual teams across continents on a daily basis and was consistently in the top tier of leaders.

Experience gained at a global organisation has given Jaya deep insight into the working environment of her clients. This organisational and strong business experience, combined with empathetic coaching skills, enables her to support clients in their search for solutions to leadership challenges.


Before moving to Singapore in 2004, Jaya was based in Geneva, Switzerland, where she discovered the power of coaching at the Program for Executive Development at IMD in 2007. This sparked her decision to train as an Executive Coach.

Jaya holds a Masters in Counselling (Monash University, Australia) and a BA in Economics and Psychology (Bombay University, India). Jaya is a Newfield Network Certified Executive Coach in Ontological Coaching and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

She is certified for MBTI® Step I & II, CCL Benchmarks®, Voices®, Hogan, Influencing Style Indicator, Workplace Big 5,EQ-I 2.0 & EQ360 and NEO-PI-3 Personality Assessment.


Jaya’s interests lie in meaningful communication, cross-cultural relationships and helping develop women leaders. Having spent half her life in India and the other half studying and working in Switzerland, she successfully bridges Eastern and Western thinking, with an in-depth understanding of both cultures, being a Third Culture Kid (TCK) herself. She holds Swiss and French passports, Overseas Citizen of India and is a Singapore Permanent Resident.

Jaya is multilingual – as fluent in English as she is in French – and has conversational level German, Hindi and Punjabi.

She helps leaders develop the skills to use storytelling and visualisation to influence, engage and inspire. She is the Singapore partner of Anecdote International and Bikablo Akademie. More information can be found on All Lined Up.

what we do

our services Quote from Carl Jung
how we do it

Our Way of Being drives our behaviour and determines the actions that we consider taking and those we cannot imagine taking. This choice determines the results we create.

To change the results we want in life, we need to change our ingrained behaviour and the way we view the world.

Coaching helps you take the first step to see the world differently leading to constructive and productive behaviours.

Change your perspective – Change your life.

Ontological coaching is holistic, using language, body and emotions.

The body and our emotions are vital in an oral communication – only 7% of a message is via words, while the rest is based on non-verbal cues from the speaker.

We generate our reality through language and often get caught up in the stories we tell ourselves, which may limit our potential.

moods and emotions
Moods are filters through which we observe the world and shape our capacity for action. Our moods govern our behaviour: how differently we behave when in a mood of resentment compared to when we are joyful!

We express our moods and emotions through body language. Our bodies can be used to support us in achieving our goals as well as to create a leadership presence.

why it matters

With change as a constant feature of all organisations, your ability to adapt to and proactively manage change is what will set you apart.

Under ever-increasing pressure from corporations to deliver more each year, you need a safe and confidential space to reflect on issues, taking time to make strategic decisions instead of resorting to fire fighting.

Coaching gives you the right tools to communicate effectively and build productive relationships. It will help you grow, take on new responsibilities, and become an inspirational leader.

Coaching equips you for the next challenge and does not leave your career to the vagaries of chance.

the benefits
Click on each of the points below to discover more.

1Be a leader in a global world
  • Engage people by being an authentic leader
  • Lead by example
  • Manage people across different cultures and time zones
  • Lead virtual teams who seldom meet face to face
  • Help your team work collaboratively and with the end goal in mind
  • Empower and trust your team
  • Create a team which attracts talent
2Manage yourself and your time
  • Spend enough time on strategic thinking
  • Learn work/life integration
  • Be yourself more skillfully
  • Become more aware, friendly and confident
  • Perform at a higher level, manage your stress
  • Manage change positively
  • Stay energized and have fun
3Understand your impact on others
  • Create self-awareness
  • Become an emotionally intelligent leader
  • Improve relationships with direct reports and stakeholders
  • Communicate clearly and recognise the impact of your words and non-verbal signals
4Be more influential and engaging
  • Foster quality dialogue with your team and surface issues early
  • Provide and ask for feedback
  • Listen attentively and become more attuned to people
  • Show empathy, understand the needs of others
  • Become more strategic and engaging
  • Build strong networks and credibility with senior management

our reach World Map showing that Singapore is centered around half the world's population
our programs Training to enhanced your Self awareness

1Be yourself more skillfully
Become more aware of your personal values and beliefs and understand how this drives your behaviour.
2Leading with a positive mindset
Understand your own mindset and the impact it has on your leadership and learn how to create positive drive and purpose.
3Executive presence
Define your leadership brand and learn strategies to build your authentic executive presence.
Mindfulness will help you be more present in the “here and now”, making you more effective and resilient. Trainings to build your Toolkit

1Power of business story telling
Learn how to structure and deliver your message to get heard and increase your personal and organisational impact. Learn more
2Visual note-taking
Our brains are wired to think in pictures; learn to leverage this capacity and become more focused during meeting.
3Build your brand using LinkedIn
Develop your brand and learn how to maximise your impact on social media.
4Using emotional intelligence
Learn how to be more emotionally intelligent, read non-verbal cues and influence others. High Impact training

1Coaching for success
Learn coaching skills and how to get the best out of your people at work by empowering them to come up with their own solutions.
2Influencing skills
Learn how to communicate effectively and get more buy-in from people in your organisation.
3Corporate smart
Learn how to map your network and build a strong network of partners across the organisation to deliver success together.
4Toolbox for first time managers
Learn how to engage, delegate, coach and inspire your team for success.
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